[In-Game Event] Return of the Dark Lord Part 2: Claude's Angels

03 Sep 2007

Overheard after the tragic event of ‘Return Of The Dark Lord Part 1’…


“I was totally frozen for a few minutes! The next minute, I was unconscious on the ground!” an explorer was saying to his companion.


“Yeah! I kept blacking out! In the end, I had to keep resurrecting my family members and sending further reinforcements from my barracks!” his companion replied.


“What a waste of time! The Dark Lord clearly caused such insane havoc and instability in the world when he sent his minions! I swear I was booted out from the world at least 10 times! I crashed a million times over!”


The voices faded as the two explorers zoned off into the adjourning map. Claude Baudez stepped out of the shadows. It was his time to shine. It was his time to call upon the Bond of Trinity.


Introducing Claude’s Angels!



Age: Why, I’m 18 forever, of course. ;)

Background: A milk maid from Ferruccio Junction. Yet, strangely, no cows have been spotted in Ferruccio Junction. Or goats, even. 



“My Ferruccio milk brings all the boys to the yard.”

- Sacha


Ferruccio Junction Channel 1: Level 80~100

Sacha’s Big Boys Army

“Level 80-100 Heroes, I have chosen you to join my army. What? Me? Elitist? Why, thank you. But of course, I only roll with the Big Boys. Let’s talk about our game plan here.”




Age: 19, but able to defend myself against the 30ish

Background: A self-defense instructor teaching the females of the new age citizens in Port of Coimbra, on how to protect themselves against evil. 



“Fight me, and you’ll know…”

                                    - Doriane


Ferruccio Junction Channel 2: Level 50~79

Doriane’s Aspiring Army

“Heroes, it’s time to put your training to good use! Let’s unite and fight against the evil forces of Dark Lord. The time is now! Join me in the good fight here!”




Age: A flower blooms at the age of 16 *blush*

Background: A student studying in Auch High School. Secretly learning elements of the frozen plains behind her teacher’s back, she has met with countless disastrous results.


“Ahh… Maybe I should just get a tutor to teach me…”

- Amethy


Ferruccio Junction Channel 3: Level 49 and below

Amethy’s Volunteer Army

“New Heroes, help me out by coming to Ferruccio Junction Channel 3! I wouldn’t be able to handle Dark Lord’s army but I think I could do it with everyone’s help. Let’s gather our strength together and focus on strategizing how to win this war here.”


More information can be found in the FAQ located here.

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