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22 Oct 2007

Craeon Family from Carracci world tells us about how he balances his life at law school with his passion for playing Granado Espada.


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"Education is One of the Best Treasure We Can Pass Unto You."
-our parents

These are the words we most often hear from our parents with regards to our schooling and education. Well, I truly agree! Education is the best foundation to any person to whatever direction in life he/she would tackle.

Indeed, I can personally say that schooling is one tough job! Yes, if our parents have their jobs, we have it too. It is quite tedious and frustrating at times but you must agree with me that ONE OF THE BEST, MEMORABLE, FUNNY, SAD, EXCITING, LOVE MOMENTS, AND OTHER SPECIAL TIMES OF OUR LIVES HAPPENED DURING OUR SCHOOLING. Meet New Classmates. Found New Friends. Listen to cool professors. Gimiks. Parties. Get togethers. Doing Projects. Review Sessions. Bum. Eating together. The laughs. Computer game tournaments. Stroll. Kulitans. Anticipation of your final grades. Oh so many more!! I'm actually teary eyed remembering those times. And so I can safely say that I don't regret going to school. I am actually thankful for the privilege of having to study at good schools and experience all of these and more.

I am not your typical nerdy bookish student. I am actually a happy go lucky dude with high respect and value for education. Evidently, I am wisely addicted to online games. The recent source of my wise addiction, Granado Espada. Also, I do attend gimik parties, trippings, outdoor sports, and other fun stuffs with family, schoolmates and friends. But I make sure that my schooling won't be harshly affected by my not so extra-curricular activities. The key here is TIME MANAGEMENT and PRIORITIZING.

Time management entails a tough decision of slicing your time to accomodate as many activities as you can. It is really easy to say I will manage my time. But frustratingly, it is hard! ..really hard! I know one way or the other you guys tried it as well. And perhaps most often than not, you failed and gave up. Well, I did too as well. But giving up should not be in our vocabulary. Those who give up easily do not accomplish anything. I am a law student which eats most of my time but through time management, I can still happily and addictively play Granado Espada with my real-life friends and online faction mates. Do your responsibilities for school as soon as possible so as not to flood you with overwhelming things to do in such limited time. Trust me, I'm really good in cramming. But I'm at my best when I'm not. For example, when, doing your homework, AFK train your characters. (don't use bots ok?!) You are already multi-tasking and saving up time right. Then, after your done with your home work, go level with your friends, explore the maps and monsters, do quests and have a great time online. Afterall, you did your job as a student. You desereve the break. In addition, I would definitely not advise cutting classes to play Granado Espada. That's a big NO NO! Yes, you gain experience points but you lose a part of your wisdom. Here comes the prioritizing part. Prioritize the important matters in your life. I know Granado Espada is one of the most important things in our lives, I agree with you to that. No question or debate about that. But schooling should also be our top priority. Because actually, if you handle them effectively, it will generate into a cool lifestyle.


>You earn good education from school. Praises from your parents and teachers. Medals if you work even harder. And the ever expanding of long list of knowledge and skills.

>You have a worth-it break from schooling by playing Granado Espada. You improve socially and emotionally by interacting and chatting with your online friends. You can easily talk and explain your thoughts because you already learned that in school. And so many more perks.

Schooling + Granado Espada = One CooL Lifestyle

For Hrin and other Granado Espada Officials:

Maybe, just maybe, a few more patch updates and Granado Espada officials will notice this Cool Lifestyle of ours and probably implement a reward system for well balanced student/GE players like us - doing an outstanding job at school and a well-earned reputation at Granado Espada. Yes, my loud voice and vote for this suggestion. ^^ But for now, it is simply satisfying and fulfilling to know that we are doing well at school (making our parents happy and proud) while we are enjoying Granado Espada in the other side. It's a win-win suggestion from me to you! You'll see that your parents will even support you playing Granado Espada because they see no hindrance from the game to your studies. It worked for me. Maybe it will work for you too.


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Students at Play Outside School Hours

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The Output After Years of Hard Work and Play (CooL LifeStyle)

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P.S. Thanks to my parents for paying my fees in school and providing my needs. Also to my brother who is always my immediate buddy in playing Granado Espada. My real-life friends for the endless laughter both in-game and off-game. My faction, HuntorHunted Faction from Carraci Server. Especially, Hrin, Veya and other GE officials who make sure that GE have tons of great in-game and off-game activities for us to enjoy. More power to you guys!!

Peace out my friends!!


He has won a Divine Angel Wings for his blog entry!

I graduated with flying colors with a college degree from one of the best universities in our country. And now currently pursuing Law studies. All at the same time enjoying my wise addiction, Granado Espada - my stress reliever, imagination expander, confidence booster, social integrator and fun promoter.

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