[v8.5 Feature] Lucifer Castle Raid

01 Sep 2011

Lucifer Castle is an open field raid (non-instance) consisting of only 2 levels. However, do not underestimate these 2 levels as they are filled with tenacious monsters and numerous bosses.

Talk to Pharrel in Byron to obtain [Break the Castle Shield] quest
Completed [Lucifer Castle] questline
Completed [The Misfortune of Cortes] questline

Byron > Red Sunset Forest > Blood Fog Forest > Crow Forest > Lucifer Castle/Entrance > Basement Laboratory (Level 1) > Basement Warehouse (Level 2)

Take note that the full raid to reach the final boss requires you to complete all the prerequisites mentioned above. Otherwise you may be restricted from moving further at the end of Basement Laboratory.

Alternatively, you may choose to enter Lucifer Castle, Basement Laboratory or Basement Warehouse by speaking to the Crow Forest Managing Guard NPC at Crow Forest and provide 1 x Elemental Jewel per entry.

Lucifer Castle Raid: Basement Laboratory (Part I)

Lucifer Basement Laboratory, which is the first level for the raid, consists of 14 mini bosses of which three of them (Death Wraiths) require fulfilling certain conditions in order to be summoned. At 3 locations of the map, there are 3 Corrupt Takions each. These Takions will be activated by clicking on the black beacons in the same room. Defeat them to summon the Death Wraiths.

Normal Monsters:

Mini Bosses (Basement Laboratory):

Lucifer Castle Raid: Basement Warehouse (Part II)

Some may regard the second part to be slightly easier, since the movement in this map is pretty much linear. Before feeling relieved, please take a look at the bosses' stats below. Players will need to perform a task to activate the final boss, Stone Cortes.

Cortes area in red circle.

Mini Bosses (Basement Warehouse):

In order to activate Stone Cortes, players will have to destroy three beacons which can be found at H8, F7 and D8. Bringing cannon users would be a wise choice as they can make quick work out of these three beacons.

Beacon's Location to activate Cortes

The meanest boss of all in Lucifer Castle Raid is Stone Cortes! He is an immobile boss! That doesn't mean you can attack him freely. He has long range attacks and large 'area of effect' skills which reduces your life very quickly. His size alone is awesome (comparable to Sheol)!! If you reduce his life to a certain amount, it will summon 2 seductive minibosses to aid him. Be distracted, and it will be your end!

Final Boss:

Just when you thought that the bosses are going to get nastier and uglier, you are in for a surprise! The 2 ravishing minibosses summoned by Cortes are nothing short of painful with an insanely high Attack Rating. To defeat Cortes, defeat these 2 ASAP, since they will start defending Cortes.

Possible Reward List:
Elite Le Blanc item
Le Noir Item
Crafted Grade Necklaces
Elite Le Noir Recipe
Greek Croma Recipe
Enchantment Chip Veteran
Strata Devil Weapon Recipes
Strata Devil crafting materials
Liquefied Gas
Magical Amethyst
Dragon Heart Recipe / Item
Constellation Indication Box
Symbol of Naraka

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