[v8.5 Feature] Clock Tower Raid

01 Sep 2011

Completed 'Clock Tower Secret' quest

MCC1 only

Byron > Clock Tower

Enter the clock tower by speaking to the Clock Tower Guard standing outside. 1 x Elemental Jewel is consumed each time you enter the tower.

Note: Souveran and Esmero can enter the Clock Tower for free after completing a quest. Refer to Alliance War article.

A Spell Key is also required when entering the Clock Tower. It can be purchased or crafted by Jenia NPC located in Byron.

How to craft a Key:

Materials needed:

Buying the key with 2 x Moon Stones

To enter the Tower, click on the green arrow at the Tower entrance. A mission waiting room will pop up with a limit of 24 family slots. It is advisable to fill all slots since you are only using 1 character for this raid.

Upon entering, the raid will always begin at the 1st Room of the Clock Tower. After completing each level, players can choose to warp to another Room at the end of each map. You will require a key at each level. How to obtain this key? A recipe to the next room may be rewarded after completing each level. The boss of each room will also have a possibility of dropping the key item, and there is also a possibility that no item/recipe of the key is obtained in each run.

You will have to go through every floor at least once to reach the top, and as with most raids, difficulty gets harder and harder. However, you can warp to any room after completing the first room, if you have the required room key.

Tip: After a boss is defeated, you will be able to deal damage to its 'body' for a short time and random rewards may be dropped from it.

After completing the 12th Room, players will have the option to warp to the last room of the clock tower, Lost Time where the final boss reside.

Auto Baron is the final boss in the Clock Tower raid. Take a look at the size comparison below!

Auto Baron stats:

Becareful as Auto Baron is not alone...

Possible Rewards:
Level 92 Elite Weapon/Armour
Level 100 Elite Weapon
Elite Le Noir Recipe
Enchantment Chip Level 100
Enchantment Chip Veteran
Enchantment Chip Expert
Alchemy Items
Strata Devil Weapon Recipe

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