[v8.5 Feature] Alliance War

01 Sep 2011

The tension between both the Royalists and the Republicans have increased due to the rumor of Valeria’s existence… Now both affiliations have created secret societies of their own to recruit loyal followers in the war for power!

Secret Society: Esmero / Souveran

In the alliance war, faction and secret society affiliations play an in important role of segregating families. To join either Esmero or Souveran (secret societies of the Royalist and Republican), families have to be in a faction of their respective affiliation, to receive a quest to from either Lyndon or Simon. The quest contains several parts and some may require participation in faction raids.


To join Pegadilla as Mercenaries, you have to be in a Neutralist faction or not in any faction. Speak to the mercenary NPC beside Calyce to start the quest to join the mercenaries.

These quests are an individual quest and upon completion will change the family affiliation but not the faction affiliation.

After joining the secret society, your player profile will reflect the affiliation at the top right and it is possible to change the emblem from either World X PVP or Alliance War

To change faction affiliation to either side of the secret society, the faction leader has to complete the quest and change the faction affiliation from the respective Pioneering Officer. 

Note: After changing the faction's affiliation to either Esmero or Souveran, there is no way to switch the faction’s affiliation any more.


What are the benefits of joining either the Esmero or Souveran?
·         Able to get enter Clock Tower Raid without paying 1 Elemental Jewel
·         Able to do additional daily quests from the new NPC "Brown" in each town
·         Participate Terra De La Sed (new version of Tierra del Amor) and receive buffs
·         Receive rewards from the Royal Guard in the Reception Hall or Republican Faction Member in Villa de Libertad after the alliance war
·         Use faction skills on enemy factions*
·         Increase faction level above 52 for additional buff*

*Only if faction belong to either Esmero or Souveran

As for players in the Pegadilla, they will be able to receive reward from Gerar Loren if they participate in the alliance war and have title in their profile. Furthermore, they will also be able to receive a buff from Gerar Loren after the Alliance War and able to go Clock Tower or Prison raid for 1 week without paying 1 Elemental Jewel or occupying the event colony.

However, after joining Esmero or Souveran, families will be hostile toward their oppoing secret society in several maps (hostile zones) even outside of Colony War timing. Also, families cannot withdraw from Esmero or Souveran (family status, not faction) but players will be able to change their secret society affiliations by doing 'Betrayer' quest.

To begin the “Betrayer” quest, players will have approach the opposite affiliation Leader, either Simon or Princess Gabriella. The quest will require players to complete a series of tedious quests before the player can switch affiliations. Families will be forced out of their faction if it is aligned with the opposite secret society.

Note: The “Betrayer” Quest is repeatable and is only available to Esmero and Souveran families. There is no way of changing the faction affiliation. Faction leaders of the factions are required to pass their leadership to another faction member before completing the quest. 

As for Pegadilla, players can choose to withdraw anytime they want by talking to Gerar Loren.


The Alliance War

Date: Every Saturday 1930hrs - 2100hrs (GMT +8)
Format: MCC1

There will be a notice signaling the start of the Alliance War. All players can participate as long their character is above Expert and have a family level of above 20. Since this is a MCC1 event, it is wise to plan a balance of support and attacking characters for the highest damage and efficiency.

Getting There
When the alliance War starts, an icon appear below the mini-map.

Players who wish to participate in the Alliance War, should click on the icon and choose to enter the Alliance War. Allocation of forces in the Alliance War is as below:

• Players in Esmero in Esmero faction will participate as Esmero
• Players in Souveran in Souveran faction will participate as Souveran
• Players either in Esmero or Souvran but not in their respective secret society faction will join as mercenary
• All others, including Pegadilla will join as mercenary

For the mercenaries, the affiliation will they join will depend on which affiliation, Esmero or Souveran faction, have taken over the event colony. Mercenaries will support the affiliation that does not own the event colony. If the event colony is been taken over by with either Royalist, Republican or Neutralist faction, the allocation of the mercenaries will be random.

All players will start in their respective main base, player participating as Esmero will start in Cite de Reboldoeux and players participating as Souveran will start in the City of Auch. Port of Coimbra will be linked in between them.

City Maps

City of Auch

Cite de Reboldeoux

Port of Coimbra

Several headquarters are designated in the maps through the usage of flags shown in the pictures below and can be taken over by players during the course of the war. Conquering these points involves gathering allies and staying at the flag to convert it to your side.  Taking over the flags will earn players points and give access to the opponent’s main base in Port of Coimbra.


Winning of the Alliance War
There are two ways in winning the war: 

1. Defeat the opponent leader (Simon or Princess Gabriella).

2. The side that gathers the most points when the war duration end. 

Here are the ways to earn AW points:
• Defeating opponent soldiers, RNPCs and players.
• Supply supplies to the supply carriages
• Capturing opponent flags
• Healing wounded soldier using Healing Potions bought from barrack
• Reviving allied players

There are few other ways, but they will be left untold for families to discover for themselves.

Some items which are used in the war can be bought in the Alliance War barracks.

The barracks can be accessed from the culvert warp gate. Player can replenish their ammunition and supplies from the NPCs. Furthermore, player can request help from RNPCs to join the wars by providing the items required.


For players that do not wish to engage in front line battle, they can venture into the culvert to mine for ores. In the culvert, there is a warp for player to go to 3 areas; Stone Pit, Junction or the Barracks. The ores mined are useful in the alliance war. The culvert can be accessed from either (side) main HQs.

The culvert

Entrance to Culvert from Auch

Entrance to Culvert from Reboldoeux

Death and Revival

There are some changes in the mechanics for Alliance War. When players are defeated, Soul Crystals cannot be used. There will also be a countdown to signify the amount of time before the player revives, Players will be revived at the nearest headquarters. If there are no nearby headquarters to revive at, the player will then be revived at the main base. If the player is resuscitated before the countdown finishes, he will revive on the spot and will not be warped to the headquarters.


Another mechanism in the Alliance War is the persistent squad system, to prevent squad breaking like in CW. Players who join the alliance war will be automatic allocated to a squad and the first person in each squad will be the squad leader, unless another player with higher contribution point joins that squad. Players can change to another squad simply by just dragging their family name and dropping it into another squad that has a free slot.

So…. Let the WAR begin!!!! 

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