[HCOF] GE Green T-shirts and Mugs

11 Aug 2010

GE Green T-shirts (S/M/L sizes only)

The GE Green Tee was created in collaboration with Greenviron in commemorating Earth Hour back in April 2010. These PET tees are made of recycle plastic bottles from around the world. This is first of its kind of clothing released in the World, and we found that NIKE uses this material for its new jerseys production as well. This material is set to 'Rule and Change' the world.

We had given out to participants of our “Be the first 60 to post your details on forums” in order to receive 60 pieces of these limited tees in Malaysia and Singapore.
Currently, we are releasing these limited stock in various sizes on HCOF so that gamers can do their part in saving the world. For more information in saving the world, please visit www.greenviron.com.sg to see what you can change to save our Earth.
GE Mugs
We are releasing a few specially designed GE Mugs for IAHGames. These are few and limited, available in a choice of black and white colours.



Both T-shirts and mugs are for self collection and Singapore players only. Tokens used in error will not be reimbursed.

Steps to obtain these items:

1. Select and purchase them from HCOF
2. Claim the item into the game. (You will receive a marker item)
3. Send a ticket giving us your name, contact number and the preferred day for self collection, size of t-shirt (S/M/L), colour of mug (black/white).
All items are while stocks last.

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