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22 Jun 2010

Stance Rings

The much anticipated crafting, upgrading and the possibility of enchanting stance rings has arrived!

The crafting of stance rings is another new feature which start with the Precious Metal Merchant in City of Auch as well as our new NPC in the Cite de Reboldoeux.

Materials for crafting stance rings

Besides each of the skill rings, the following materials are required for crafting depending on the level of the rings:


Items Needed

Below 100 

10 Black Oxide

2 Elemental Jewels  

10 Ancient Hero Seals


20 Black Oxide  

4 Elemental Jewels

20 Ancient Hero Seals


30 Black Oxide 

6 Elemental Jewels

30 Ancient Hero Seals

Let us take this opportunity to show you the crafting of all 3 levels' stance rings, namely - Expert, Veteran and the level 60 Levitation stance ring.

A Veteran Stance Ring

A Level 60 Stance Ring

Ring Crystals
Ring crystals are required for enhancing of stance rings and these are crafted by simply 'breaking' stance rings at the anvil for accessory destruction. This is especially helpful for those players who have been squirrelling all levels of stance rings which they have no use for. The ring crystals are awarded from 1 to 6 pieces randomly.

Upgrading Stance Rings
The process of upgrading stance rings enable them to be enchanted, very much depending on their levels:

Items to be enchanted Items needed for upgrades
Expert Stance Rings Veteran Enchantment Chips
Veteran Stance Rings Level 100 Enchantment Chips
Below 100 Stance Rings Level 96 Enchantment Chips

After upgrading the stance rings, they can be enchanted with additional stats.

Enchanting Expert Stance Ring

Enchanting Veteran Stance Ring

Enchanting Upgraded Levitation Stance Ring
Before enchantment...

After enchantment...

You are another step closer to invincibility. Happy Crafting!

The Rosario

It is an item for prayer and it is needed for the scout's new expert stance - Enhanced Tactics.

There are 2 types of Rosarios available in the version 4.5 patch namely:

1. Damaged Ancient Rosario
2. Silver Rosario 

The Silver Rosario's recipe can be purchsed from the NPC: Gloomy Old Man for 1,000,000 vis in Los Toldos.

The Silver Rosario can only be crafted by The Gloomy Old Man, hence get the required materials ready before approaching him.

On the other hand, the Damaged Ancient Rosario recipe has to be exchange with the NPC: Wandering Merchant  in the Bahamas Base Camp.

Enchantment Chip Veteran is needed to enchant Damaged Ancient Rosario. However the Silver Rosario requires Enchantment Chip Level 92.

Enhancing both the Silver Rosario and Damaged Ancient Rosario beyond +5 requires Veteran Impervium.

Do note the slight difference in the status but as some would say- It's not the tools you have, it's the skill!

Elite Trump Weapons (Available for Veterans Only)

This series of weapons are very much look forward to as they are the enhanced version of their brother, 'Trump Weapons'. They are called the Elites, belonging to the 31AR category, possessed higher base attack compared to its brother and they can be enchanted using Enchantment Chip Level 96.

Crafting the Elite Trump Weapons
You would need the following items in your inventory:
1. Arsene Ticket x 1 (Refer to the table below for the different colours of tickets needed)
2. Archangel's Heart x 1
3. Seed of Rafflesia x 1
4. Siren's Scale x 1

Simply drag the 'selected' ticket into the slot machine and choose the weapon you need. (Ensure the ingredients are placed in your inventory)

Red Arsene Ticket
Blunt Weapon - Elite La Suma Sacherdotisa
Sword - Elite La Emperador
Sabre - Elite El Ermitano
Main Gauche - Elite La Rueda De La Fortuna
Dagger - Elite El Colgado
Shield - Elite La Templanza
Rapier - Elite La Torre
Great Sword - Elite La Justicia
Polearm - Elite La Muerte
Javelin - Elite El Juicio
Gaiters - Elite La Estrella
Knuckle - Elite La Luna
Blue Arsene Ticket
Crossbow - Elite El Loco
Rifle - Elite LA Emperatriz
Shotgun - Elite Los Enamorados
Cannon - Elite El Carro
Bayonet - Elite La Fuerza
Pistol - Elite El Diablo
Green Arsene Ticket
Staff - Elite El Mago
Lute - Elite El Sumo Sacerdote
Bracelet - Elite El Sol

Elite Trump Armours (Available for Experts Only)

The new Elite Trump Armour recipe is one of the drops in the new Arsene Secret Vault Raid. They belong to the 30DR category, similar to the Elite Le Blancs, however, they can only be worn by Experts and Enchantment Chip Veteran must be used for enchantment.

There are 5 classes, namely:

Elite Arcanero Plate (Fighter)

Elite Variltorta (Musketeer)

Elite Clarcana(Scout)

Elite Deinclian(Wizard)

Elite Ruidestencia (Elementalist)

(Tip: 'A piece of Trump Card' is the key ingredient to the recipes. These are available as drops from the mini bosses in the above-mentioned Daily Mission Raid.)

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