[v4.5 Feature] New Raids

22 Jun 2010


1. Instanced Mission Raids
2. Arsene Secret Vault
3. Holy Water Chamber Raid

All raid drops are random and not guaranteed. Mentioned items are possible drops.

 1. Instanced Mission Raids

The following boss raids will have an 'Instance Mission' version, which can be done once a day. You have to use 'A' to open up the Mission Gate and 'B' is when entering the Mission Lobby. The Mission Gate will be open for a short while. The gate cannot be reopened for 30 mins. More than one family can participate in each raid.

Where to craft 'A' and 'B' ?
Federigo at City of Auch I9. Bring the materials required before talking to the NPC.

Vergo (Porto Bello's Desolate Cliff I4)
A: Platinum Maul (1 x Silver Hammer + 1 x White Gold Bar) which opens mission gate
B: Vergo the Cursed Lobby Key (300 Family Reputation + 500 x Pure Talt)

Raid Mission Reward
 -Lv 100 Armor
 -Lv 84 Elite Weapon
 -Lv 84 Elite Armor
 -Lv 100 Elite Item Ingredient
 -Lv 92 Elite Armor Recipe
 -Recipe - Enhanced Shot RES Necklace
 -Key of Vergo
 -Constellation Indication Box

Lavaleaf (Topolo Durga D5)
A: Crystal of Flame (1 x Fire Orb + 10 x Fire Stone +  5 x Pure Gold Bar)
B: Lava Leaf Lobby Key (300 Family Reputation + 500 x Pure Quartz

Raid Mission Reward
 -Lv 92 Elite Armor Recipe
 -Lv 96 Elite Armor Recipe
 -Fire Weapon
 -Lv 100 Weapon
 -Lv 100 Armor
 -Recipe - Enhanced Fire RES Necklace
 -Le Noir Recipe
 -Lv 100 Elite Weapon/Armor Recipe
 -Constellation Indication Box

Note: Last summoning tower can be hit by monsters. You have to defend this and kill Lavaleaf at the same time.

Rafflesia (Ustiur, Zona Uno G6. Entrance to Rafflesia)
A: Rafflesia Petal (1 x Red, Yellow, Green Leaf of Rafflesia +  10 x Pure Gold Bar)
B: Rafflesia Lobby Key (300 Family Reputation + 500 x Pure Ionium)

Raid Mission Reward
 -Lv 100 Armor
 -Lv 84 Elite Weapon
 -Lv 84 Elite Armor
 -Lv 92 Elite Armor Recipe
 -Recipe - Enhanced PHY Res Necklace
 -Constellation Indication Box

Uraeas (Bahama Underground Cave 1st Floor I9, from Swamp of Peril)
A: Uraeus Scale (2 x Scale Piece + 100 x Solvent + 5 x Emerald + 1 x White Gold Bar)
B: Uraeas Lobby Key (300 Family Reputation + 100 x Pure Ionium + 100 x Pure Quartz + 250 x Pure Aidanium +  250 x Pure Etretanium)

Raid Mission Reward
 -Lv 100 Weapon/Armor
 -Lv 92 Elite Armor Recipe
 -Lv 96 Elite Armor Recipe
 -Lv 100 Elite Weapon/Armor Recipe (including Elite Schivarlier Armor)
 -Recipe - Le Noir
 -Recipe - Dragon Heart
 -Constellation Indication Box

Griffon (Vegas Javier D6 click on the Pioneer Warning)
A: Griffon's Tears (6 x Griffon Egg Shell +  2 x High Quality Sapphire + 2 x High Quality Emerald)
B: Griffon Lobby Key (300 Family Reputation + 300 of every Pure Ores)

Raid Mission Reward
 -Lv 100 Weapon/Armor
 -Lv 92 Elite Armor Recipe
 -Lv 96 Elite Armor Recipe
 -Lv 100 Elite Weapon/Armor Recipe (including Elite Schivarlier Armor)
 -Recipe - Le Noir
 -Recipe - Dragon Heart
 -Recipe - Elite Le Blanc 
 -Constellation Indication Box
Note: Griffon Egg Shell drops from Broken Griffon Egg which spawns in Vegas Javier. Click on it and it will drop the Griffon Egg Shell)
Tip: After entering the Mission, Griffon has already spawned, just look for it and kill) 

2. Arsene Secret Vault

Besides the normal Arsene Raid in the Culverts, there will be another Circus themed raid available for gamers to do. Rumours that Arsene Circus Troupee has fabulous treasures hiddden in their secret vault has been spreading among the Pioneers. After Pioneers infiltrated the Circus Troupe from the Culverts, this new raid has become more challenging than before.

1. Completed Hellena's Recruitment quest. 
2. Hellena must be in one of the raiding Families.

Getting Started:

Proceed to D/E 2 of Cite of Reboldoeux and talk to the Secret Basement Warehouse Guard.

Upon entering the Secret Vault, you will have to talk to the Warehouse Guard to open a Mission Room for the raid. Remember that Hellena must be present in the squad, otherwise you will not be able to complete the raid.

All families will enter the raid at the bottom of the map. Only one family can enter the 'battle zone' at the adjacent room (follow black arrows) to open a warp for Hellena to proceed. In each 'battle zone', Circus Troupe members will appear to take down the attacker. You have to defeat them all at every stage. 


Blue: All Families   Black: Attacking Family   Red: Hellena's Family


Hellena must wait for the mini bosses to be defeated before moving forward. Since only one family can enter the 'battle zone', the other families must help protect Hellena from an ever increasing spawn of Circus Troopers. Should Hellena be defeated at any room, the mission will fail. If the raid team brings more than 1 Hellena and if any one of them dies, the mission will fail immediately.


Once you have reached the final room, you will have to defeat the bosses again. Arsene will not be here to stop you, but the same bosses and Troopers will stand in your way.


Can you survive this raid? 

Mini Bosses in each 'battle zone'

Final Boss:

Item Drops throughout the raid:
A Piece of Trump Card
Medal of Honor 
Liquefied Gas
Magical Amethyst
Recipe - Elite Arcanero Plate 
Recipe - Elite Variltorta 
Recipe - Elite Clarcana 
Recipe - Elite Deinclian 
Recipe - Elite Ruidestencia 


Boss Drops:
Recipe - Elite Le Noir (5 types)
Recipe - Trump armor

3. Holy Water Chamber Raid

A strange phemonmen is happening in Al Quelt Moreza Nartex, now is up to the Pioneers to venture into this mysterious area...

Prerequisite: Completed Holy Water Quest

Getting Start:

Go to Utsuir Base Camp and look for Key Crafter Etorven and craft the Refine Key [Hidden Holy Water Chamber] using 1 X Key [Al Quelt Moreza Hollow] and 1 X Moon Stone

Begin the raid by going to the Holy Fountain at Al Quelt Nartex:

The Key will be consumed when you have entered the mission Lobby. This raid can only be done once a day.

Here is the map of the Raid:

When you enter the room A, you will see three tombstones. They have to be activated using:

a. Tombstone 1: Moon Stone x 1 + High Quality Emerald x 1 required.
b. Tombstone 2: Moon Stone x 1 + High Quality Ruby x 1 required.
c. Tombstone 3: Moon Stone x 1 + High Quality Sapphire x 1 required. 
Be sure to bring these into the raid

Once activated, 9 beams of light will appear and a certain 'Pose' will be showned above the tombstone. 9 characters have to stand in the beam of light and strike the correct pose. It must be done in the correct order or you cannot proceed. If any character passes another's beam of light, you will have to redo the whole 'posing'. from the start. When you have struck the correct pose, a 'Success' sign will be shown.

Everyone in the room must be careful when accomplishing this part of the quest. One wrong move and you have to restart. Time is ticking by...

When you have cleared this room, the beams of light will suddenly straighten and 2 green arrows will appear on the 2 green dotted lines barricading the room ahead. Split your squad into 2 teams and proceed simultaneously.


A Dilos Latemn is in both rooms. Defeat him and a rock will appear. A number between 1 and 6 is given when the rock is clicked.

1) Use the number from B-1 on the tombstone in B-2.
2) Use the number from B-2 on the tombstone in B-1.
Magic Tombstone NPC appears when a wrong number is entered. The next door cannot be entered if Magic Tombstone is activated. Use a Moonstone to proceed.

The next room C will be full of traps and turrets, run fast to the other end avoiding the traps.

Moving on to D-1 and D-2, this stage will require perfect coordination on both parties.

In D-2, activate the tombstone. Teams in D-1 have to kill Dilos and inform the opposite party of the number from the stone, like before. There is a time limit as rotating blades will start to appear from the entrance of D-2 gradually towards the other end. D-2 must select the correct number for both teams to advance. 

If D-2 doesn't select the correct number in time before room is filled with blades, they will not be able to advance further..

Similarly for E-1 and E-2 with the roles reversed.

Once past this room, you will find a 'Sealed Tombstone'. Ortega immediately appears when you click on it. You have to defeat him!

He has a buff [Blood Hell] which enables rapid HP regeneration. To remove this buff, Rio has to proceed to the adjacent room, use a Moonstone to activate the tombstone and pose correctly in the beam of light. Beware that strong monsters will appear to attack Rio, so protect him well. At the same time, continue to attack Ortega.

His other buff [Excitation] which increases his AR, DR and ATK, can be debuffed using Wizard's Darkness stance 'Whole Cancelation' / 'Dispell Magic'. Once Ortega is defeated, proceed to the upper room.

At this point, if you think that Ortega is hard, the next boss Jurgen will be hell! He has even more buffs and debuffs

1. Similar to the previous boss, you will have to maintain a debuff by removing Demon Heart which appears periodically. When the Demon Heart is up, Jurgen will receive a [Blood Hell] buff with similar properties as Ortega's. 

2. Jurgen also has a deadly skill 'Judgement' which debuff [Dark Fuegen] on all families within range. Debuffed families cannot move and MaxHP reduced. Rio's Rhythm Spellbreak can undo this debuff.

3. Jurgen will summon Zealots to help him upon reaching 50% of his HP. When Zealots are in the room, he is invincible with [Ennitseal] buff. Kill all the Zealots to remove the buff.

4. Jurgen will also have a buff [Yurutruben] which has the same properties as Ortegan's [Excitation] Buff, this can be removed using Whole Cancellation of Dispel Magic.
5. [Terber] is a debuff on all families (from Zealots) which drastically decrease your AR, DR and ATK. To counter this, you need to consume Furholden Shield Potion (create from Lorch NPC, be sure to have ample supply).

Great rewards await those who successfully clear this raid.

Ortega Drops:
Lv 100 Enchantment Chips
Veteran Enchantment Chips
Skill Rings
Elite 84 equipment
Lv 100 equipment
Lv 96 Elite Recipes
Enhanced Necklace Recipes
Key [Deadlands] (essential for next raid)

Yufuegen Drops:
Lv 100 Enchantment Chips
Veteran Enchantment Chips
Skill Rings
Elite 84 equipment
Lv 100 equipment
Lv 96 Elite Recipes
Recipe - Dragon Heart
Cut / Crafted Necklace Recipes
Le Noir Recipes
Constellation Indication Box
Key [Deadlands] (essential for next raid)

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