[In-game event] Tikam Tikam!

17 Jun 2009

“Tikam Tikam” is a vocabulary from the Malay language. The literal meaning is random pick and in old days, it was a traditional game where people get to pick random numbered tickets and have a chance to win goodies such as soft drinks, biscuits and toys.

From the Southern lands of Malayan.

Comes a man.

Not just any other man.

Long-lost cousin of Hrin.

He calls himself Hron, the Tikam man.

For the real background story behind Hron, click here

Now, he’s offering all worthy pioneers to bring him Tikam Coupons, which he has lovingly given it to all monsters in the New World. You will be able to find him next to Leonardo Expresso in all three cities.

What to do with the Tikam Coupon?

Hron will gladly accept all Tikam Coupon contributions, for he has a black hole pocket filled with Pandora’s Crystal.

There are a few choices that Hron will give you for a donation of Tikam Coupon.

Option 1: Exchange for Pandora’s Crystal (Requires 1 x Tikam Coupon)
3 x Pandora’s Crystal

Option 2: Tikam Satu (Requires 1 x Tikam Coupon)
3 x Pandora’s Crystal
1 x Tikam Satu number

Option 3: Tikam Dua (Requires 1 x Tikam Coupon, 1 x Growth Stone)
3 x Pandora’s Crystal
1 x Tikam Dua number
* Growth stone is only required for the first exchange

All choices are repeatable but the Satu and Dua numbers are unique, which means you can only keep one of each. It will replace your existing number if you exchange for subsequent times.

So what can these numbers do?

The system will pick 10 random numbers on 2 July 2009 and if your Tikam Satu matches the number from the system, you will stand to win attractive in-game items! In addition, if your Tikam Dua matches the number from the system, you will get 3 of the selected items!

Draw 1 1 x Golden Phoenix Wings
Draw 2
1 x Silver Phoenix Wings
Draw 3
1 x Rojo Puesta de sol
Draw 4
1 x Premium Wing Coupon
Draw 5
3 x Promotion Scroll - Master
Draw 6
1 x Home Premium Service - Expert (30 days)
Draw 7
1 x Premium Treasure Box Service (30 days)
Draw 8
3 x EXP Card Veteran B
Draw 9
1 x Horn of Baphomet (365 days)
Draw 10 1 x Pet Box (Fortune Cat)

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