[World X PVP Tournament] Season 1 Episode 4: Shattered Pride

04 Oct 2012


World X PVP Ranking will be reset after maintenance on 04th October 2012. May the best man win prevail!

Tournament Mechanics


  • The top 3 players at the highest rank with the highest point will become the winner for each season. I.E if there is no one at the Empire Knight Rank, the top 3 players at the Royal Knight Rank will become the winner.
  • The Last Episode will run from 04th October 2012 after the maintenance till 18th October 2012 1000hrs GMT +8.
  • The tournament is only applicable to the Single (1:1) category of the World X PVP


Winners of the bi-weekly World X PVP Tournament will receive the following prizes:


  • 250 USD
  • World X Championship (Single) Champion Medal


First Runner Up

  • 150 USD
  • World X Championship (Single) Runner Up Medal


Second Runner Up

  • 100 USD

Rules and Regulations


  • This tournament is open to all players regardless of region.
  • Winners will be contacted via email and phone. Players are to make sure that all information stated in their passport account is updated.
  • Granado Espada game policy on general player’s conduct applies. All users participating in this event must agree and understand the rules, regulation of the event and the game policy before participating. IAHGames reserves the right to change or edit event mechanism at any point in time without prior notice. Reference link to the game policy can be found at http://support.iahgames.com/Forms/GamePolicy.aspx
  • “Cheating” or using 3rd party programs such as game hacks and other hacking in any other form or methods includes but not limited to glitch, exploits or cheating in any form shall result in disqualification of the participant.
  • IAHGames is not responsible for any network or service issues caused by PC hardware or Internet Service Provider (ISP) failure.
  • This event is organized by Team Granado Espada – IAHGames. All decisions made by the officials are final. Rules and regulations are subject to changes by the organizer at any time without prior notice.


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