Rise of the Masters!

17 May 2012

From today till 7th June 2012, players with Family Level 8 and above will receive 3 x Master Card (Event) upon login for free. Yes it's for Free!!

New players who haven't reach Family Level 8 fret not! You will still be able to obtain the items once you've hit the family level requirement within the event period.

The Master Card (Event) is non-tradable and can only be acquired once. Hence if there’s any characters that you’ve been wanting to level but are unable to find the time to do so, now’s your chance to do so! (Or you could keep them and wait till the new RNPCs from Version 10.6 are out to use it on them! *wink wink*)

How to use?

1. Select a character which Level is between Level 1 to Expert Lv10.
2. Double click on the card.
3. Poof! your character become Master Lv1!!

So you’re probably wondering by now, “my characters are at master but they’ve no stances or skills!” right? Not to worry! There will be a 50% Stance EXP bonus running concurrently together with this event till 7th June 2012.


Are you ready to rise up and attain the glory that’s awaiting you?

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