[v5.0] Patch Notes

01 Nov 2010

Content Changes

Castilla Region Added
Castilla Exploration Quest Added
Castilla Mine Mission Added
Castilla Relic Mission Added
Castilla Tower of Chaos Mission Added
Billy Quest Added
Castilla Hunt Quest Added
Colony War System changed
Various NPC activation quests have been changed. (Free or using Premium item to obtain)

1) Tutorial
   - When starting for the first time after creating a family, MCC 3 can be started without playing a quest.
   - Modification has been made so that a Scout character must be included when creating characters for the first time at the barracks in order to start the game.
   - A prologue on Granado Espada has been added to the tutorial.
   - The Granado Espada Pioneer Support Headquarters has been deleted. Starting points of the previous and new teams of families saved in the Granado Espada Pioneer Support Headquarters will be changed to Cite de Reboldoeux.
   - New Pioneer Support Soldiers have been deleted; the level-up buff that increases certain EXPs during character level-up is automatically applied.
   - Level-up gift box has been added; it is automatically added to the inventory when the Family Level reaches 2, 4, 5, 7 and 9. However, if the Family Level increases to the level at which a gift box is issued due to characters being created in the Barracks Mode, the gift box is not issued immediately, but added to the inventory when the next Family Level is reached.

2) Veteran Stance
   - Modification has been made to enable the Veteran Stance Book purchased through the Scholar NPC engaged in research in Bahamar, Base Camp and the Scout Master NPC in the Master Room to be purchased with Mystic Powder x 25 and Crystal x 50.
   - The stance book that can be acquired by spending the 3 types of Rare Book and Mega Minerals is still acquired in the same way.

3) Deleted Contents
   - The NPC of punitive forces at the request office has been deleted. Related quest mail will also be deleted.
   - Ferrucio’s Box has been deleted. Related NPCs, quest items and quest mail will also be deleted.

4) Other Modifications
   - A new path to Reboldoeux Stone Pit from Reboldoeux North Gate has been set.

System / UI Changes
- System Message no longer displayed when Buff is applied
- Feso Shop mode in Personal Shops removed
- Improvement to prevent the Keep mode of a character from being disabled when it moves away by a certain distance.
- The Keep mode of a nearby character becoming disabled when it follows the leader character at a certain distance has been improved.
- The buff icon displayed on the character information window at the bottom of the screen has been changed to 3 lines.
- Event EXP buff display added
- Modification for instant HP/SP recovery items to be dropped in some paid dungeons. (Royal Jelly)
- The period for selecting a new faction after withdrawing from one has been changed from 2 weeks to 1 week.
- The requirement for automatic withdrawal from the GE Faction has been changed from Family Level 15 to Family Level 20.
- The option information on items being enchanted can be viewed immediately on the Enchant Item Option window.
- Enchant Merchant the NPC sells Enchant Chips under Level 84.
- NPCs with shop functions have been replaced to be gathered in a certain area in villages.
- Warp Support Soldier the NPC has been deleted from the villages.
- The Master Room has been deleted; NPCs in the Master Room have been replaced in villages.
- Merchant NPCs of the Bounty Hunter Guild have been placed in villages.
- Waypoint modified to be used without Vis
- A Block List tab has been added to the Friends List (Alt + B) window. The previous Block List (Alt + F3) has been deleted.
- The Pause hot key has been deleted; it can be set in Game Launcher – Options – Hot Key Tool
- Barrack names can be changed (double click on barrack button to change)
- List of families in mission can be hidden
- Lv 51 and 100 Quests added to quest guide
- Time after defeating Necromancer in Sea Cave of Revenant has been increased
- Hotkey for Secret Guard Lobby changed to Alt + L
- Time that can be spent in barracks without zone change increased to 29 minutes
- Roulette reward implemented for raids for fair loot distribution.
- Duration Back Costume exchange implemented.
- Faction seaerch implemented: Allow applications to join sent to FLs
- Buff duration for Darkness stance are modified

Promotion System Modification
- Character promotion is now free. The promotion system will be changed to an awakening system.
- Shiny Crystal is required for a character promotion. There is no change in grade and Stats after a promotion.
     Veteran promotion: Shiny Crystal x 25
     Expert promotion: Shiny Crystal x 50
     Master promotion: Shiny Crystal x 100
- grade increases and additional stats are given when a character is awakened. Character awakening can be performed after a character has been promoted.
- Promotions in the inventory are all changed to Promotion items used for awakening.
- Awakening and promotion levels are displayed on mercenary contracts.

Stimulation Scrolls are issued when certain quests are completed.
   - Completion of Lyndon NPC’s SHADOW DILOS LATEMN Quest: Event Promotion recipe – Veteran x 3
   - Completion of Nunez NPC’s Letter Quest: Event Promotion recipe – Expert x 3
   - Completion of Auch Pioneer Officer NPC’s Report on Demoniac Prision de Jaquin Dungeon Mission: Event Promotion recipe – Master x 3
   - Event Promotion Recipe is issued to families that complete quests.

Users’ Glaziums are changed to Shiny Crystals.
   - Lesser Glazium x 2: Shiny Crystal x 1
   - Low Glazium x 1: Shiny Crystal x 1
   - Glazium x 2: Shiny Crystal x 3 
   - High Glazium x 1: Shiny Crystal x 2
   - Perfect Glazium x 2: Shiny Crystal x 5
   - Quantities are rounded if required.

The world map has been expanded.
- Right-click and drag to move.
- Left-click to close.
- Place the cursor over an occupied region on the world map to view the name, faction and emblem of the occupying party.

Penalty for faction change or faction leader change modified and added
 - A new faction cannot be selected for 2 weeks when withdrawn from a faction
 - Faction leader can be changed only once a week

Postal Service Modification
 - Mailboxes in villages have been deleted
 - Postal services can be used anytime by using the Mailbox icon on the tool bar (Alt + U)

Baron penalties have been changed.
- Baron’s will penalty buff has been changed to result in ATK+1/DEF+1 when Burlon level is 1 to 2; ATK+2/DEF-2 when Burlon level is 3 to 4; and ATK+3 and DEF-3 when Burlon level is 5.
- The time required to reduce Burlon level has been increased by 10 times.
- EXP is reduced by a greater margin when the character dies in Burlon state.

Screen Layout Changes
- The menu at tool bar at the top left of the screen are deleted and a new main menu has been added to the top center of the screen.
- The Feso Shop has been added to the menu; it can be opened anywhere in Main Menu – [Cash Shop] – [Open Feso Shop]. The Feso Merchant NPCs in villages are deleted.
- Character illustration has been added. Character and NPCs in Granado Espada can be viewed in Main Menu – [Granado Info] – [Character Illustration].
- User skins have been deleted due to UI skin modification.  

Newly-Added Functions
- A dress room function has been added. Costumes that can be worn by a selected character can be tried on in Main Menu – [My Family Info] – [My Dress Room].
- A return-to-save-village function has been added and can be used through the System Menu (Alt+Q) or the button at the bottom of the mini map.
- A clock that shows the current time has been added and can be viewed at the bottom of the mini map.
- An option that allows the names of dropped items to be viewed has been added and can be enabled in Game Options (Alt+Q).
- The ESC key can be used to activate the End Menu. This function can be enabled in Game Options (Alt+Q).
- A chatting speech bubble function has been added and can be enabled and set in Game Options (Alt+Q) or by using the buttons at the bottom of the chat window. 

Improved Functions
- A village-warp function has been added. Users can move to certain areas in Cite de Reboldoeux, Coimbra and Auch in Main Menu – [Map] – [Village Warp]. This function cannot be used in only the main villages.
- The NPC icon on Regional Map (Alt+Z) can be clicked. Users can use the NPC icon to move conveniently.
- NPCs related to a quest are displayed on the NPC List on the right of the Regional Map (Alt+Z).
- When trading in shops through NPCs, placing the cursor over an item on the [Selected Item] tab displays the tool tip for the item.
- Different font colors are displayed for whispers sent and received.
- A maximize/minimize button has been added to the 1:1 chat window. The color of the title bar on the chat window changes when a chat message is renewed.
- If the user is a member of a party, a notice is displayed on the party chat window when the Family Level increases or a certain character level is reached (Lv 20, 40, 60, 80, 100).

Group chat has been improved
- The group chatting window (Ctrl+G) has been segmented.
- Information on the current group and a list of active group chats can be viewed.
- Group chat can be used through the Chat tab on the Group Chat window.
- A group chat enabled can be set to be open or closed. If set to be closed, it is not displayed on the Group Chat window.

Camera Functions Added
- Used in Castilla Mine Mission
- Used in Prison Misson (Valeria)

Changes to old Content
YufuegenInv Buff inflicted when zealots appear has been deleted
Escape Artist skill no longer disable debuff of Enemy Families
Drops from the following are changed:
- Diablo
- Vergo
- Lavaleaf
- Uraeus
- Einwind
- Griffon
- Brain of Argus
- Novia
- Sekhmet
- Sheol
- Battle Collosseum
- Poison Yard
- Secret Temple

Entry to the Land of Death has been modified.
- The Land of Death can be entered even if Burlon or Otite perfume has not been used.
- The Land of Death Entry NPC has been moved to Porto Bello, A deserted quay.
- Probability of the Land of Death Key being dropped by Yufuegen on the Al Quelt Moreza, Holy Water Chamber Mission has been increased.

- Monsters under Level 100 have increased in Ability, EXP and regeneration speed.
- Monsters under Level 100 drop items with Reinforcement values and sockets are dropped at a probability (Reinforcement Level 8 for general items and Reinforcement Level 7 for unique items).
- Reinforcement levels are determined at a probability.
- The Monster target window UI has been modified. Monster names, levels, race and armor types can be viewed.

Changes to Old Items:
Death Chopping Stancebook - Tradeable
Pioneer Symbol Orge and Werewolf - Tradeable
Magic Weapon Crystal - Lv 28 - Added to Premium Treasure Box and Mystic Box
Ancient Territory pass - 1 day - Tradeable
Enhanced Warp license (15days) - Tradeable
Enhanced Warp license (30days) - Tradeable
Warp license (15days) - Tradeable
Warp license (30days) - Tradeable
Mysterious key - Tradeable
Otite Perfume - Tradeable
Shelter pass - 1 day - Tradeable
Forgotten Terrtory pass - 1 day - Tradeable
Chaos Requiem pass - 1 day - Tradeable
Premium Wing Coupon - Tradeable
Home Premium Service - expert (30 days) - Tradeable
Home Premium Service - average (30days) - Tradeable
Home Premium Service - beginner (30days) - Tradeable
Field Manual - average (30days) - Tradeable
Hrin Treasure Book - Tradeable
Ancient Territory pass - 7 days - Tradeable
Forgotten Territory pass - 7days - Tradeable
Shelter pass - 7 days - Tradeable
Chaos Requeim Pass - 7 days - Tradeable
- Restriction on wearing Baron costumes - Removed
Bloody Coffin, Wheel of Destiny, Grave Stone, Revenant, Deadly Cross can be worn anytime.

Application of options to Enhanced Stance Rings has been changed.
- Icon and illustration of Enhanced Stance Rings have been changed.
- Maximum HP/SP increase option of Enhanced Stance Rings has been changed to be applied simultaneously irrespective of stances.
- The option that enables reduced ATK damage from various attacks is still only applied when certain stances are used.

Price change / Ceased sale of Shop Recipes:
Recipe - Ruby piece
Recipe - Ruby
Recipe - Royal ruby
Recipe - Archangel heart
Recipe - Sapphire piece
Recipe - Sapphire
Recipe - Royal sapphire
Recipe - Seed of Rafflesia
Recipe - Emerald piece
Recipe - Emerald
Recipe - Royal Emerald
Recipe - Siren's scale
Recipe - Necklace of resist melee attack
Recipe - Necklace of resist shoot attack
Recipe - Necklace of resist fire attack
Recipe - Necklace of resist ice attack
Recipe - Necklace of resist lightning attack
Recipe - Necklace of resist psy attack
Recipe - Created Necklace of resist melee attack
Recipe - Created Necklace of resist shoot attack
Recipe - Created Necklace of resist fire attack
Recipe - Created Necklace of resist ice attack
Recipe - Created Necklace of resist lightning attack

Items Added
- Greek Croma Armour series
- Enhanced Progressive Health and Soul Fillers
- Tronada Cruz and Bloody Feast stance and skill rings added to Ring Box
- Soul of Castilla
- Fate of Castilla
- Jewel Box (PC Café)
- EXP Card Box (PC Café)
- Shiny Crystals
- Ancient Relic Piece
- Ancient Relic
- Ancient Gold Relic Piece
- Ancient Gold Relic
- Iron Ore
- Exploration Ticket : Castilla
- Rusty Pickaxe
- Hard Pickaxe
- Reinforced Pickaxe
- Valeria Card
- Innocentio Stance Book

Costumes Added into Database:
Vespanola Navy Admiral Hat
Vespanola Navy Soldier Helmet
Cherry Blossom Hair
Gaura Hair
Gloriosa Eye Patch
Cattleya Hair
Lord Plate Eye Patch
Bristian Noble Hat
Ixia Hat
Les Cheveux De Clatant Beaut
Soul of Castilla
Violeita Hat
Colonel Cut
Figure Skate Costume
Lord Plate Costume
Bristian Noble Costume
Violeta Costume
Bristian Colonel Costume
Blue Serpent for Male Elementalist
Blue Serpent for Female Scout
Blue Serpent Female for Wizard
Blue Serpent for Female Elementalist
Vespanola Navy Admiral Costume
Vespanola Navy Captain Costume
Vespanola Navy Soldier Costume
VesPanola Navy Officer Costume
Ixia Costume
Cherry blossom Costume
Gaura Costume
Gloriosa Costume
La Fleur Ecarlate Costume
Cattleya Costume

Medal System Added
- Medals can be worn on each character
- Medals can be earn from events or Castilla missions

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