Section A: About Fantazzztic Ads Awards 2009
Section B: Rules & Regulations
Section C: Prizes
Section D: FAQ
Section A: About Fantazzztic Ads Awards 2009

In the latest trend of eviral movement, consumer preferences are moving towards that of short, comical YouTube clips and advertisement spoofs. Fantazzztic Ads Awards 08/09 was inspired by the wonderful films that had previously been created by the fans of the online game, Granado Espada. Our mission for ‘Fantazzztic Ads Awards’ is to gather a community who has a passion for creating digital ads and to bring them together on a common platform to do what they love best – creating Ads! Using the multi-faceted landscapes and intricate costumes of the baroque era that can be found in Granado Espada, participants can now form teams to script, direct and act in their own Ads!

Fantazzztic Ads Awards 08/09 walks new users through a simple movie making guide, teaching them how to produce their very own digital Ads from start to finish as well as to challenge veteran Ads producers to greater heights by competing against one another using a common platform.

Section B: Rules & Regulations


01 The top prize to ADFEST 09 and physical prizes are only eligible to be won by those in the region (Aus, NZ, SG, MY, PH, VN, Indo). Winners from other countries will win virtual items as a form of replacement.
02 The ad submitted must be filmed within the game environment of Granado Espada.
03 The following animation must be included in the beginning of each submitted film.
04 Each person may submit more than one advertisement.
05 All employees and affiliates of IAHGames, are prohibited from participating in this contest.


01 Clip length submission is restricted to 30 Seconds only, if the clip is longer than 30 seconds, we will be judging based on the first 30 seconds. This is not inclusive of the compulsory animation in the beginning of your ad.
02 In order to register for the contest, players will have to log into his account at IAHGames Passport.
03 After signing up for a passport account, please proceed to Granado Espada FAA 08/9 Forum to participate in the week you would like to.

Submission Of Ads: Weekly ‘Scene & Heard’ Winners
01 There will be weekly contests leading up to the Fantazzztic Ad Awards 08/09 Grand Finale held on 12th February 2009.

Submit your Ads for each week here.

The format should be as follows:

Family Name:
World (Server):
Ad URL/Object Code:

Submission Of Film: Fantazzztic Ads Awards Grand Finale
01 The final week for Fantazzztic Ad Awards 08/09 Linksys Grand Finale Ad Week. Submission is between 29 Jan 2009 ~ 12 Feb 2009. Ads submitted after 12th February 2359hrs (GMT+8) will not be accepted.
02 Please submit your ads for Fantazzztic Ads Awards 2008/9.
03 Previous winners from ‘Scene & Heard’ Weeks will automatically be shortlisted as the finalists for the Grand Finale.
04 In addition, we will select more nominees from Grand Finale Week.

01 Subtitles and dialogue must be in English language.
02 Submitted ads must not be longer than 30 seconds, if the clip is longer than 30 seconds, we will be judging based on the first 30 seconds. This is not inclusive of the compulsory animation.
03 Each participant can submit as many ad videos as he wishes.
04 Submitted entries cannot be edited. Please resubmit your video in another post if you wish to make any revisions. This is to help prevent plagarism.

Judging Criteria

01 Concept & Scripting: 30%
02 Creativity / Artistic Direction: 30%
03 Relevancy to theme or product: 20%
04 Others / Overall Experience: 20%

Terms & Conditions

01 By submitting your ads for the Fantazzztic Ads Awards , it becomes the intellectual property of IAHGames and its associates
02 IAHGames and its associates reserve the right to use or showcase submitted films as marketing material on various medium.
03 Judges’ decisions in regard to any of the winners are final and undisputable.
04 IAHGames reserves the rights to modify any part of this contest and/or its mechanics at any point in time.

Section C: Prizes

Weekly ‘Scene & Heard’ Winners
The prizes for each ‘Scene & Heard’ week are as follows:

Blood Donation Week: IAHGames Hamper Worth USD500!

Linksys Week: Linksys Products worth USD1,000 to be won! More details coming soon.

Grand Finale Winners
2 Winners win an all expense paid trip to Pattaya, Thailand to attend the award ceremonies and Gala dinner at ADFEST 2009.
Winners will stay at Hard Rock Hotel, Pattaya and party for free at the famous Beach Foam X Party!

Section D: FAQ

1. Can I submit as a team entry?
Ans: Unfortunately, no. Each entry must only be from a single person..

2. Can I submit more than one entry?
Ans: Yes, you may submit as many entries as possible.

3. What is the difference between Weekly ‘Scene & Heard’ Winners and Grand Finale Prize Winners?
Ans: Weekly ‘Scene & Heard’ Winners will win weekly prizes. They will also automatically be shortlisted as finalists for the Grand Finale. In addition, we will select more nominees from Grand Finale Week.

4. If I am one of the ‘Scene & Heard’ teams that won in the previous weeks, can I still modify my video or create another video and submit it for the Grand Finale?
Ans: Yes, you may further improve your video before the Grand Finale. Remember to submit your video in the Grand Finale thread located here or we will take it that your previously submitted video is the final submission.