Although once an innocently playful charmer, Hellena's life changed forever when, for her ailing mother, she joined the sinister Arsene Circus Troupe. Hellena's magical talent and exquisite charms served her well in the Troupe, until the pioneering families of Granado Espada defeated the sinister performers in grand fashion at the Chateau. Now a Pioneer herself, Hellena carves out a new path in her Circus of Fate, now the hottest attraction in the New World.

The elementalists have always considered themselves a more elegant brand of pioneer, but never has there been an enchantress as exquisite as Hellena. A master of the most sophisticated incantations and incarnations of Fire, Ice and Lightning, her presence in the new world has caused a wave of jealousy among less cultured controls of the elements.

Some girls like flowers, some like chocolates and some like black leather, but Hellena - Hellena loves cards. After years of looting the Arsene Troupe's victims, Hellena has enough prizes to keep her playing for some time - unless you can beat her at her own game.