Experience the bond of Trinity: made possible by the revolutionary MCC.

Multi-Character Control (MCC) allows you to control up to three characters simultaneously, similar to offline, console-based RPG’s. A powerful AI engine ensures the characters work together when fighting in real time.


Character Selection
Your three-character team will be selected from a larger pool of characters that make up a pioneering “Family”. Will you take a balanced approach of Tank, Damage Dealer and Healer? Or come out with Guns blazing as 3 gun-toting characters? The Choice is yours.


In Granado Espada, it is possible to play alone because your characters will support each other. The secret to ‘AFK’ survival is to have a team consisting of 2 Damage Dealers and a Healer.


Advanced MCC Usage
MCC allows players to simultaneously dictate the actions of every single character, making that family a force to be reckoned with.

Forming Squads

When a family of 3 characters is not enough, you may like to consider forming a squad with other players. It is a great way to enhance your playing experience, bond with friends and conquer increasingly difficult challenges. Each squad can contains up to 12 families. 


The powerful AI engine of Granado Espada enables a team of 3 characters to work together while fighting in real time. With multiple game modes such as Keep, Hold, Harvest, Attack Move, your family can fight and level up even while you are away from the keyboard. The Keep mode (Default Key: Spacebar) is one such example of the XAI at its best – Characters are free to move, attack and chase any monster within their targeting distance and will return to their original spot when the area is clear. Healers will heal injured family members automatically when put to Keep Mode in the correct stance (i.e. First Aid).


Starting as Non-Player Characters (NPC), Granado Espada offers the unique chance to recruit these members of the storyline, scattered all around the game world, to join your family in its pioneering. Most of these RNPCs will require you to complete their quest line, bring them certain quest items, among many other such objectives in order to convince them to join your family!