How to register for an account

(Did you encounter any problems? Check out our support section!)

Step 1.   Click on Sign Up button on the left side of Granado Espada website

Alternatively, you could visit and click 'Sign Up New Account'.

Step 2.   Enter your preferred Account ID and click on 'Check availability of Account ID'. If the Account ID is available for use, please continue to enter your preferred password.

Step 3.   Enter your Identification Number (Social ID, Studen ID, National ID, etc)

Step 4.   Select the country of residence and key in the Validation code seen on the right.

(Unless you're given a promotion code, else leave the field blank.)

Step 5.   Please read the 'IAHGames Passport Terms and Conditions' and indicate your agreement by checking the box next to it. Click 'I Accept'.

Step 6.   Congratulations! Your IAHGames Passport Account has been created. You're just few steps away!

Step 7.   Click on 'Games Activation' and select 'Activate Now!' under Granado Espada.

Step 8.   Check the Radio Button 'Granado Espada SEA (English)' and click 'Activate Now!'

Start downloading your game client here now!