The first step in taking your equipment to the next level is 'Enhancement'. Enhancement merchants; namely Idge, Soho and Rio, are located in Cite de Reboldoeux, Port of Coimbra and City of Auch respectively.

With the use of Vis, players can enhance an item to a maximum of +4 at a 100% passing rate, giving your weapons more attack power, and adding more defense to your armor.

Advancing beyond +4 carries a certain amount of risk, but as the popular saying goes; risk and reward go hand in hand.

Each Enhancement level starting from +4 grants an increase in Attack or Defense Rating. (and a visually pleasing glow to your weapons!) However, there is a chance of the item 'breaking' and being lost permanently when you attempt to proceed on after +4 status.

Now, the first thought on everyone's mind would be: How do I get +5 and above, and all the wonderful benefits and boasting rights associated with it? Thankfully, the Granado Espada Cash Shop offer players two valuable items to help them get those incredible enhancement levels.


Firstly is the Enhancement Boosters. Like the name suggests, these premium items boost the success rate of enhancement by 50% when the maximum amount of boosters are used. The below table shows the success rate of the different enhancement levels when the maximum number of boosters are used. Therefore, attempting to bring an item to +5 will now be a 100% success rate, +6 a 50% success rate, and so on.

Success Rates

Amount of Enhancement Boosters Needed



Secondly is the Imperviums. Even while using enhancement boosters, there is still an off-chance of losing your item, a chance which gets higher with increasing levels. Using the maximum amount of Imperviums for the corresponding enhancement level not only prevents a failed enhancement from breaking, but also gives a 50% chance of retaining its original enhancement level.

As a safety feature, any attempt to enhance your item beyond +4 will bring up a Warning Pop-Up to confirm your choice, so no items will be lost through careless hands!

No reason to tarry, that eye-catching glow and awesome piece of equipment awaits all pioneers now!