Tutorial quests are now much simpler and consist of clear and concise explanations throughout to maximize game participation for new users! New users will see this loading screen upon entering the world of Granado Espada:

Pioneering Equipment will be equipped on the characters the player created, alongside a walk-through of the basic functions in Granado Espada. Combat functions will be covered in the Tutorial Help box (Keyboard Help: F12) and simply follow the green arrows to embark on the basic tutorial quest chain!

The table below shows all the NPCs involved in the tutorial quests, alongside the pioneering skills that they impart to new pioneers.


The Granado Espada Cash Shop and Feso Shop offer many items that make the leveling process much easier. Combat and Tactics Manuals offer increased EXP and Stance EXP gain rates by up to 100% respectively, while Forgotten Territory, Ancient Territory and Shelter Passes offer access to multiple exclusive areas with high monster spawn rate, making training more effective.

There are also a myriad of powerful boosts such as Hrin's Potions, Premium Wings, Costumes etc. that increases your characters' attributes temporarily, enabling them to be more powerful in combat. Pets will also be able to help your Family by providing buffs or picking up items for you.

While none of these are absolutely compulsory, Premium Items enhance your Pioneering experience in the New World. Check out the Cash Shop and Feso Shop right away and start shopping for the items that you need!


Scattered throughout the New World are multiple Pioneering Memorials that offer quests to kill certain monsters within the map, in return for Pioneering Seals, EXP Cards and sometimes Ambers. While training in a map, approach the Pioneering Memorial to activate the Pioneer Monument Hunt Missions and add more value to your training experience. Colony Managers work almost the same way, but rewards you with a Spinelle instead.


Whenever you target a monster, its name will be highlighted in red, yellow, orange, brown or white (in sequence of difficulty). However, this is different for the amount of EXP received compared to the monster level.

Red name monsters - Give 100 - 150% of base EXP. (Monster level is too high for efficient leveling)
Yellow name monsters - Give 150 - 200% of base EXP. (Most suitable for efficient leveling)
Orange name monsters - Give 100 - 180% of base EXP.
Brown name monsters - Give 50 - 100% of base EXP.
White name monsters - Give no EXP and has no effect on training.

Pick a map/location close to your family's level by look at the world map (Alt + W). The Level Range given on the map is the approximate level recommendation for the zone. (Eg: For a Family with three Level 19 Characters, they might want to pick Tetra Hills for active leveling, and to AFK at The King's Garden.) Zones that are marked with (Dungeon) are Dungeon zones that have high monster concentration. As a general rule of thumb:

• High Monster Concentration + High Spawn Rate / Low Spawn Rate = Active Leveling
• Low Monster Concentration + High Spawn Rate = AFK Leveling
• Low Monster Concentration + Low Spawn Rate = Not recommended for AFK.

When leaving your characters on AFK mode, try to pick a location off the beaten path, due to the fact that other families running through might pull your AFK characters away (as the characters will follow the monsters that are chasing the other family). Running too far away from the spot where you activated Keep Mode disables the mode and leaves your family standing around listlessly as cannon fodder!

Want to know the recommended maps for different levels? Go try it out yourself! The New World is yours for the taking! You will never know what suits your taste until you hit the various maps up yourself!


While all combinations are possible viable, there are certain combinations that are more effective for AFK leveling, and are cheaper to actively level with.


Remember to stock up fully on consumables, i.e. Potions, Bullets, etc. Potions have no 'Cool-down' time, and can be used infinitely (as fast as you can press them!), so remember to set them on the Hotkeys for each character to ensure your team does not run out of HP or SP. Keep in mind though, potions cost money! If you find yourself spending massive amounts on potions, you probably picked a bad place to level – where monsters are hitting you too hard or you need too many hits to kill.

One of the most common skills to master while Active Leveling, is to learn how to pull large numbers of monsters together and using AOE attacks to bring them all down together. To do this, your team will need to run through a room to pull multiple monsters together, then hit your Keep Mode (Spacebar) and start casting all the AOE attacks available to your team.

By constantly moving through a High Monster Concentration + High/Low Spawn Rate area this way, you maximize your leveling time by killing the largest amount of monsters possible. As most Quests demand you kill a certain number of monsters, grouping them up and bringing them down together would be one of the quickest ways of finishing up the quest.

Elementalists and Wizards (or RNPCs with similar stances) are classic examples of excellent AOE Levelers, with their quick AOE attacks such as Thunderstorm, Fireball, Quake, etc.

Constructors such as Jack, Diego or Angie are excellent AOE Levelers too. However, the downside is that they become extremely immobile due to their constructs. In zones with extremely high spawn times, such as Rion Hollow or any of the premium dungeons, Constructors or Summoners make incredible levelers. Melee attackers using Pole-arms or Great Swords with decent AOE make wonderful levelers as well.

Staying in a Semi-AFK mode (Having your Family on Auto Attack but keeping a roving eye on them) is another great way to level in a high spawn-rate area, where you would never be able to usually AFK.


The most important thing to remember about AFK Leveling is to have a Healing character to make sure your Family stays alive. The Scout does extremely well in this aspect, alongside Emilia/Emilia the Sage etc.

Amongst all the characters in the game, ranged weapon users like Musketeers and RNPCs such as Grace, Sharif and Lorch, are the fastest killers that do not need to move around too much. Range characters are more desired to level while AFK, as opposed to melee characters. However, do ensure that your account has sufficient bullets for them to continue leveling.


In Granado Espada, crafting materials such as Shiny Crystals and Epic Glaziums can be used to exchange for Pioneering equipments for your characters. Pioneering equipment is one of the best choices of equipment to level with, as they are almost free and can be enchanted with excellent stats. Lacking which, you can possibly just use any equipment you pick up on the way instead, as these get replaced quickly. Save the hard-earned Vis for consumables and the like instead! Just make sure that your characters have a weapon on hand to use for a stance that you want to level!


One probably has to identify their goal at the moment – training the first 3 characters ever to vet and beyond? Attempting to bring a particular character to as high a level as possible first? Raising the general family level by having as many high-level characters as possible? What do you have available – are you a new family? Do you have access to any veteran characters such as a Constructor or a Summoner? All these are key points to consider if you have the ability to power level one's Family. Power Leveling is a swift and speedy way to get high-leveled characters, but at great cost of consumables – and bearing in mind that not everyone has access to the suitable characters for power leveling. Make some powerful friends today!