Secret Guard

The 'Buddy System' of Granado Espada, Secret Guard, matches high-level families with newcomers. This Secret Guard system is beneficial for both parties – the newcomer (the 'Guarded Family') gets a crash-course on in-game mechanics, explore new areas and gains a handful of levels to boot, while the high-level family (the 'Guarding Family') passes on their valuable experience and knowledge, and gains valuable family reputation!


1.    You cannot be 'guarded’ if your Family Level is 15 and above.
2.    You are required to be a minimum of Family Level 15 to provide the Secret Guard service.
3.    The Guarding Family’s Family Level cannot be lower than the Guarded Family Level.
4.    You can only maintain one Secret Guard Service at any time.
5.    The family ending the contract will not be able to request for the Secret Guard Service for 24 hours.


1.    Both the Guarding and Guarded families are required to be in a squad.
2.    Both families will gain slightly more EXP than normal. The Guarded Family will level up much faster and Guarding Family will receive family reputation as well.
3.    The Guarding Family has to be in the vicinity of the Guarded Family in order to receive the reputation points.


Ctrl + D
Brings up the Secret Guard Request Menu.

Alt + L
Brings up the Secret Guard Lobby, where you can see families requesting to guard or be guarded.