Granado Espada is a battle of ideals between the Royalists and Republicans. The Royalists are based in the Cite de Reboldoeux and fiercely loyal to Princess Gabriela, believe that it is Vespanola's right to rule Granado Espada. While the Republicans, gathering in the City of Auch under Simon Ayende's banner feels that everyone here are citizens of the New World, free to rule themselves.

Pioneers that have gathered in the New World can form Factions that are aligned as Royalist, Republican, or Neutralist. Being in a faction will make Granado Espada more fun where, members share a common goal, cooperate in War and Raids, providing/receive assistance as well as trade. Meet friends, share adventures and find people to protect you in faction wars.

Bear in mind that factions are player-ran, and the quality of the faction and its experience depends entirely on the players in the faction. Each faction will have its own culture.

Faction size can be a big factor when choosing a guild. Overly large Factions that tend to invite everyone and not 'screen' its members are may be less organized and less powerful despite its size. Yet if well-organized, large factions can be a force to be reckoned with in group PVP or raids, allowing its members access to the top tier of game content. Smaller factions are more ‘personal’, and may just be as strong if made up of powerful families and  like-minded players. Ultimately, leadership and policies of the factions are the main factors in determining how a faction turns out.

Many factions also have a reputation in the server – be it good or bad, make sure you find out their background on your own. As with any good game, there will be faction alliances and faction conflicts. Take all rumours with a pinch of salt.

To discourage 'Faction-hopping', Granado Espada has a 7 day cooldown on leaving a faction – which means Pioneers will not be able to join a new faction for 7 days after leaving the previous one. Different factions have different directions, some might be more PVP-based, others live to challenge raid content, or some are just 'Chill Out' places for their members. Remember, you can always create your own faction if you want and make it follow your own ideals!


To Unlock Faction Creation
Speak to the Pioneering Officer located at Cite de Reboldeoux to unlock Faction creation. Your Family Reputation must be more than 200 a fee of 1,000 Vis are required.

To Create Faction
Simply click the ‘Faction Button’ from the menu or ‘Alt + Y’ and choose a name for your new faction!

All factions start at Level 1, with a total of 51 member slots. Faction Level can be increased to level 50 by paying Vis to the Pioneering Officer, faction leader have to undertake a special faction quest in order to promote the faction level to 51 & 52. Upon reaching level 52, faction leader can choose their affiliation as Royalist or Republican. Faction leader can also appoint trusted members to be Deputy Faction Leaders. 

Most powerful and influential factions in server often participate in the weekly Colony War as well as the Elections to see who would be elected Duke (Royalist) or President (Republican) of the month. The elected Duke or President of the alignment that has the most colonies will be named Chancellor of Granado Espada collect the Market Deposits as tax after the weekly maintenance every week. 

(Pre-requisite: Faction Level 50)

STEP 1.   Talk to Pioneering Officer (Christelle) again after reaching Faction Level 50. She will tell you about the quest.

STEP 2.   Here’s the first part of the quest. You have to go to Vegas Javier and find the Great Hill Giant. 

STEP 3.   The Great Hill Giant will be spawned when the Faction Leader comes close to the bolder at E5. A message will be broadcast via [Notice] to everyone in the map when he is spawned! He must be defeated within 30 mins.

STEP 4.   After defeating the Great Hill Giant, go back to the Pioneering Officer (Christelle) and receive a Raid Key and…. Yet another Quest!

STEP 5.   For Part 2 of the Faction Level Quest, you will need to go to Prison de Joaquin, The Mohrgus, J7. 

STEP 6.   Upon reaching location J7, the following message will appear “The door seemed to quiver when the key was brought near it.” A portal will open for your team! Your mission here is to defeat the boss, Chrysalis.  

(Pre-requisite: Complete Level 51 Faction Quest)

STEP 1.   Talk to the Pioneering Officer in major cities to get the quest, they will ask us to go see Princess Gabriella (located at reception hall in Cite De Reboldoeux).

STEP 2.   Once you met Princess Gabriella, she will give a secret letter

STEP 3.   Go to Villa de Liberta in City of Auch and talk to Simon Ayende.

STEP 4. 
 Go back to Princess Gabriella after you finish conversation with him.

STEP 5.   He will ask you to help the Republican fight against the Royalist.

STEP 6. 
 When you are ready, talk to Princess Gabriella and the Shadow Temple mission gate will open (you can bring your faction members or any other faction that had completed the Level 51 Faction Quest up to 30 families).

STEP 7.   Once inside everyone should rush to destroy the sub colony and not bother about the enemy NPCs inside as they will respawn continuously.

STEP 8.   After destroying the 6 sub colony the main Colony will appears.

STEP 9.   Go to the middle of the map and destroy the main Colony. A Flag will appear after the main Colony has been destroyed. Click on the Flag to complete the quest.

STEP 10.   Go back to Princess Gabriella to complete the quest. Every member in the faction will receive +1 to Family level after the quest is completed.