The next kind of enhancement you can apply to your equipment is Socketing. Socket Merchants located in all Major Cities will assist Pioneers in both the creation of socket(s) on items, and the insertion of Rumins.

Rumins come in four different colors – Yellow, Green, Blue and Red. They can either be purchased from other Pioneers, or more commonly drop by certain monsters. There are four forms of refinement that yield Rumins of 3 grades (Basic, Major and Great).


Colored Ores can be refine from the Rumin Refinery besides Claire:

Drag and drop a colored ore into the Rumin Refinery and you will be given a choice of 4 different ways to refine a colored ore:

General Craft - The general crafting method with a guaranteed success rate. However, the chances of obtaining a rare Rumin are relatively low.

High Quality Craft - The high quality craft method that has a chance to fail, destroying the ore. However, the chances of obtaining a rare Rumin are higher than the general crafting method.

Catalyst Craft - This special crafting method has 2 different way of crafting, the first method is by using Mystery Powder (obtainable from the Cash Shop) as a catalyst, and the other method is by using Rumin Catalyst Powder, which can be obtained from the Rumin Refinery. The chances of obtaining a rare Rumin are higher than the high quality crafting method.
Reputation Craft - This reputation crafting method requires 200 Family Reputation Points each time as a catalyst to prevent failure. The chances of obtaining a rare Rumin are higher than the high quality crafting method.


The Various Rumins that different Ores can be refined into are as follows:


The Rumin Trading Machine located just beside the Socketing Merchants in the Major Cities also offer a chance to upgrade on Rumins, turning in 3 lower grade Rumins for a higher grade one, at the cost of Vis or Fesos.

3 of the basic rumins + 500,000 Vis will be exchange for 1 major rumin (random).


3 of the major rumins + 20,000 Feso will be exchange for 1 great rumin (random).


3 of the great rumins + 10,000 Feso will be exchange for 1 colored ore (random).



Now, before getting ahead of ourselves and planning to put all those fabulous Rumins, Players first have to open Sockets on their items. Each type of item is limited to a certain amount of Sockets, 3 for Weapons & Armors, 2 for Rosario and 1 for other types (Controller/Hammer). Vis is required for Socket Processing & double as the socket goes. 

Be warned! Socket Processing is only 100% for the first socket and every attempt after will cost more Vis, and the risk of losing your equipment! Fortunately for Pioneers, the Granado Espada Premium Item Mall offers Socket Processing Tranquilizers that prevent your equipment from being destroyed through a failed Socketing attempt!

With each successful Socket opened, the equipment takes on the suffix 1S. When more sockets are opened, the suffix changes accordingly!


Simply select 'Put Rumin' to place your Rumins of choice into the sockets on your equipment!

With so many ways of making your items even more powerful, time's a-wasting! Go forth and make those dream items to aid you in your adventures in the New World!