In Granado Espada, players are able to create addition ‘stats’ on equipments, making it stronger. Enchantment can be done by speaking to the Enchantment merchant located in the City of Auch and Cite de Reboldoeux.

Enchantment puts a myriad of different stats on various items, from the more common Attack, Attack Speed, etc. on weapons, to Racial or Elemental damage stats. Some of the highly prized stats like Attack/Defense Rating and such are harder to come by. Be warned, sometimes you might end up with a blank equipment (no options at all) – but fret not, the Granado Espada Cash Shop has the perfect item, Enchantment Tranquilizer which will definitely give stats to your equipment!


Using an equivalent (or higher level) Enchantment Chips, you can add a wide variety of stats to your items.

Firstly (and most importantly) are the sources of the Enchantment Chips themselves. There are multiple sources of enchantment chips, from:

• Raid Bosses (Usually the highest level chips: 96, 100, etc.)
• Quests / Instanced Missions
• Random Drop off monsters
• Items broken via Enhancement
• Cash Shop Chip Packages

Enchantment Chips can also be created by ‘breaking’ 3 equipments with stats ('Yellow' or 'Blue' Stats Items) of Level 32 or higher through the Enchantment Chip Exchanger, available in the City of Auch and Cite de Reboldoeux. Based on the level of the 3 items, the chance of obtaining the Chip Level of your choice is varied.

Possible scenarios are as follows:

Each item or chip put into the exchanger yields a 33.3% chance of obtaining a chip that is 4 Levels higher.


The Granado Espada Cash Shop offers an item called the Enchantment Tranquilizers that prevents the Enchantment NPC from giving you blank stats equipments, thus increasing your chance to nail that dream statistic on your precious item!

Following table displays a list of enchantment that can be obtained:

Note: For Racial Attacks, the damage will increase if the monsters or a player you are attacking is of that certain type. (Eg: Undead Racial Attack will only work against undead monsters) Reduce Damage from racial is where you will receive less damage from monsters and players belonging to the certain type.

Upgraded Stance Rings, Armours, Weapons, just about everything can be enchanted with those incredible stats, try your luck today!