Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is Hellena’s Circus of Fate?

This is a web-based game for Granado Espada. By playing it, you can win free in-game items or earn Tokens in exchange for premium items in Granado Espada.


2. How do I play this game?
Just play it right here, online! Each round will cost you 1 Ticket and 1500 G-Points. You can win Tokens from this game, which can be used to exchange for premium prizes. Tickets are used to redeem Free Gifts; Tokens can redeem Premium Prizes. Just click on the respective buttons at the top.


3. What are Tickets and how do I get them?
Tickets are gained with every hour of activity spent in Granado Espada. To get more Tickets, simply login and play! Tickets are only given out the following day at 0600 hrs (GMT+8). Check your account for the latest giveaway times.


4. What are Tokens and how do I get them?
Tokens are gained by playing Challenge Your Fate with Hellena. She has ten cards on her hands and you pick one card. You can get 0, 1, 2, 3 or Gold Tokens from the cards. Every card costs 1 Ticket and 1500 G-Points.


5. What are G-Points and how do I get them?
G-Points is a special currency in Granado Espada, used to purchase unique RNPC Costumes, passes to premium dungeons and other items to enhance your Granado Espada experience. G-Points are available online or at selected stores across Southeast Asia. To find a store in your country, click on the flags below for more information.


Australia Australia Singapore Singapore Philippines Philippines Malaysia Malaysia Vietnam Vietnam


6. What is the difference between free gifts and premium prize list?
Free gifts are simple in-game items that can help your characters in different ways. Be sure to keep a look out for seasonal special items too! Premium prizes, on the other hand, are a list of exclusive costumes and equipment that cannot be bought elsewhere. Note: the item list changes every few weeks, so grab an item you want as soon as possible!


7. Are Tickets, Tokens and G-Points transferable?
No, they are unique to each account and not transferable.


8. Do my Tickets, Tokens and G-Points disappear if I do not login for a long time?
No, they will not disappear.


9. Help! I accidentally closed my game window before choosing my card!
If you have closed your game window before selecting your card, the system will randomly pick one for you.


10. Are the items I redeemed transferable?
Not all items are transferable. Check the item after you have redeemed it.


11. What happens to my items if I do not redeem them?
They will stay in your Hellena’s Circus of Fate Caravan until you redeem them.


12. I redeemed the item to the wrong server. What am I supposed to do now?
Please send a request to our Helpdesk.